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2021 GHLL Game Day Protocols & Field Rules

GHLL Game Day Protocols & Field Rules 2021

No player, coach, volunteer, umpire, parent or spectator that is sick or has signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should attend Evaluations. Please stay home regardless of what is causing your illness.

GHLL Mask Policy:
To be in compliance with State and Local requirements, GHLL will continue to require masks for all activities associated with GHLL. This means that practices, scrimmages, games, etc., will all require mask wearing from start to stop for all managers, coaches, umpires, players, and spectators at all parks and facilities, with the following exception: FOR GAMES ONLY - your player will be allowed to remove their mask while they are actively competing on the field - meaning players playing a defensive position, the batter and any runners on base are not required to be wearing a mask. 

Players in the dugouts, coaches, volunteers, and officials must wear masks at all times. Players returning to the dugout after batting or after the change in inning must put their mask back on when they return to the dugout. 
This exception for players applies to games only, all players must continue to wear a mask at all times at practices.  

GHLL Spectator Policy:
All spectators must wear masks at all times and follow social distancing guidelines.

  • For games played at any of the outlying fields (Kopachuck, Voyager etc)  a maximum of 150 people are allowed, including spectators. For games played at the GHLL complex, we have 3 fields, so we are allowed a maximum of 450 individuals at the complex at one time. 
  • Current restrictions allow for 2 households to be seated together, with a maximum of 8 people in the group. 
  • Groups/Households MUST maintain 6 feet between themselves and other households. 
  • Avoid gathering of people - DO NOT congregate on the walkways between fields, along the fences or in the parking lot. 

GHLL is an entirely volunteer run organization. We do not have the resources to be the mask and social distancing police at these games. The managers and coaches are there to coach your child. The umpires are there to umpire the games. The field supervisors are there to maintain the fields. They are not there to make sure you’re wearing a mask and and staying 6 feet away from other households. 

We are relying on you to follow the rules, wear masks and maintain social distancing while attending games. If spectators cannot follow these rules, GHLL may be forced to discontinue allowing spectators at games. 


  • The parking lot is ONE WAY. As you turn right off McCormick Creek Dr. (the road leading to the fields off Burnham Dr.), take the hard right into the parking lot.
  • The long drive, which goes straight up to the field entrance, is ONE WAY traffic leading OUT of the parking lot and is to remain free and clear of parked vehicles as a fire/emergency vehicle lane. 
  • NO ENTERING THE PARKING LOT & NO PARKING along the long drive of the parking lot. Vehicles parked in this area will be towed!
  • NO VEHICLE ACCESS or PARKING is allowed in the concourse of the complex (i.e. up by the tower or along the driveway leading to the concourse).
  • NO PARKING IN FRONT OF THE BP CAGES & ACCESS ROAD. This area is marked as a no parking zone, and vehicles parked in this area will be towed
  • Please park in the marked parking spaces only. The City of Gig Harbor now owns and maintains the complex where our fields are located, so if you are not parked in a marked space in the lot, your vehicle can be towed. DO NOT PARK ON THE WOOD CHIPS!
  • DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANES! The lanes have been clearly marked with red paint lines, and these areas are no parking areas at all times. Vehicles illegally parked in the fire lanes will be towed without warning.  
  • Parking in the bark or in fire zones will result in all games being suspended until the car in question is moved or towed. 
  • Lastly, please monitor your speed as you drive through the parking lot – we have lots of families with young children visiting our facility.

Overflow parking is allowed along the beautifully paved McCormick Creek Dr. in the MARKED PARKING SPACES ONLY. The street needs to allow for two-way traffic and access by fire/emergency vehicles. Vehicles parked in unmarked spaces run the risk of being ticketed and/or towed. 

Parking in the Brentin Outfield area is ONLY available to GHLL Field Supervisors, Umpires, Team Managers (not coaches), and whomever is managing/working the snack shop for games that day. Manager’s spouses, team parents, or mangers who do not have a game scheduled for that day may not park here. 

GHLL FIELD/BATTING CAGE USE:Use of the fields and/or batting cages is allowed only during scheduled games and/or scheduled batting practices.  After-hours (non-scheduled) use of the fields and/or batting cages by any teams and/or individual families is strictly prohibited.

The consumption or use of drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tobacco products or e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited at all Gig Harbor Little League ball fields, parking lots, bleachers and all related grounds, including all outlying game and practice fields utilized by GHLL.

No pets of any kind are allowed at the fields with the exception of trained service animals.

Please be aware that there are no nets to catch foul balls at our fields. Please remain alert, keeping an eye on small children and watch for foul balls.
Children should always have adult supervision while at the fields. 
Parents, please ensure your children are not swinging from or playing on scoring towers. 
Please leave all material piles alone - children should not be playing on piles of sand or dirt. 

It is our league’s responsibility to maintain the Little League fields during the Little League season. Our volunteer Field Supervisors work very hard to maintain our fields and facilities. Parents, families and GHLL fans, following your player’s games, please clean up the bleachers and area around you. Throw trash away in the provided trash cans.This also applies to other facilities our league uses for games and practices in our community - school fields, parks, etc. Please make sure to clean up after yourselves at these facilities too. 

Sunflower seeds are not allowed in dugouts, batting cages, fields or anywhere at our facility - no exceptions.



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